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Get Your Name Out There! 

Is your business in the shadows?

You’ve been posting on social media eight times a day — sharing and chatting — trying to get more eyes on your brand.

All you hear are crickets because your page and your reach are too small.

You hit send on an introduction email to a past client, hoping they’ll forward it potential clients they know.

Your next thought is, “Oh boy, I hope this works!”

You secretly wonder how to get your brand in the media. And, you’ve searched online several times “how to get on TV.”

All that pops up is realty TV shows, casting calls and how to get free cable for a month.

This is NOT what you were looking for.

You’re not alone.

Many of our clients said the same things were happening to them before they found Story Sell Your Brand.

Their business was deep in the shadows.

A best-kept secret.

And, they had no idea how to get it into the spotlight.

“If I can just get out there some kind of way,” some of would say. “I won’t have to rely so much on social media or word-of-mouth.”

Add in the sheer frustration of trying to get more exposure or being recognized as a sought-after expert in your field.

It’s enough to make anyone get discouraged and scream – especially a business owners like you who’s probably short on time and patience.

“Why do I have this ability and I’m not able to use it BIG?” they questioned.

Now, breathe.

Imagine walking into a room where you’ve been invited to speak.

The invitation came last week after you were featured in a popular business magazine.

As you close the doors behind you, whispers begin to rise up to you.

“I saw her on TV this morning,” someone says softly to another person.

“I read the article about her last week,” another person says in a hushed tone.

“Oh yeah, I know who she is,” someone else whispers. “Her stuff is solid.”

It’s a heady feeling isn’t it?

That’s the power of the press.

No introductions needed.

When you speak, they listen.

And they’re thrilled to have snagged you as their guest speaker.

It’s written all over their faces.

What many people in the crowd don’t know is that you got that media attention on your own.

Your story idea was fascinating.

The editor loved it. So, he booked you for that full-page magazine spread.

More visibility and more authority and more clients come rushing toward you.

This is what you asked for…

To run a thriving business as the expert you are…and make an impact on your community, your family and yourself.

It’s time to do something different.

And Story Sell Your Brand can help!

We show business owners, solopreneurs and real estate agents like you how to be their own publicist.

So you can skip the frustration and the expense of hiring a pricey public relations firm or making big mistakes trying to figure it all out by yourself.

When you work with us, gone are the days when you feared live interviews that bring on the classic deer-in-headlights look, sweaty palms and dry mouth.

Because we unveil exact steps to take control of any media interview on TV, podcasts and print…so YOU shine.

A bigger stage beckons.

I can help you get there!

Ready to Story Sell Your Brand?
Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Schedule a 30-minute complimentary, no-obligation consult. You can do that here.

Step 2: Before we get on that call, you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire about your current media plan and the one you really want.

Step 3: At the scheduled time of your call, we’ll get busy. We’ll also use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 4: During our call I’ll lay out the exact steps for getting started. If we aren’t the perfect fit, I’m happy to share resources to help you get your name out there.

Step 5: Ready to get started? Get on my calendar here!