Episode 1


Crushing the Fear: Launching a Business – Adeina Anderson, Lifestyles with Adeina Creator


Adeina got her first taste of being on television when a news crew asked if they could showcase her pumpkins on a TV show. She worked at a craft store at the time and was working on some Halloween decorations. Adeina said “Yes!” And, it turned into a career.

Since then, she launched a successful lifestyle and travel blog; and, earned loads of media attention ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox stations nationwide, including, Houston, Tampa and Denver.

In this episode, Adeina talks about the fear of quitting her 9-to-5 and going out on business on her own; and finding companies to sponsor her brand. She says, “[pitching companies] was the scariest thing. Putting all of my eggs in one basket and running with that.”

But, now she knows how to charge what her services are worth; and, some of the lessons she’s learned since include:

  • Always see yourself as an expert, because your client will too.
  • Make sure you get feedback and positive testimonials from clients.
  • Update your calendar often and make your database visible. This cuts down on the jitters and overwhelm because you know what’s coming up.
  • Get into an entrepreneurial group: like-minded people can help address the doubt.

The wrap-up:
“I’m a competitive person. So, to me every pitch, everything that I get is me going, ‘I did it,’” she said. “And, that takes the fears away that I’m actually doing and creating and building something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

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Episode 2


Crushing the Fear of: Being a Mompreneur – Vonna Matthews, Editor-in-Chief CEOMOM Magazine


Vonna knew she had bitten off more than she could chew shortly after having her first child and going back to work soon after. She had always been a hardworking businesswoman, but this was much different.

“The whole thing was new to me, balancing motherhood and still trying to run my business,” she said. “I thought I could just live life as normal and then jump back into my business. And, I just couldn’t.”

She needed a way to juggle the baby and the business. Vonna took action and launched a business on her terms, called Bottles Bibs and Pumps.

She soon learned other new moms were struggling with the same issues. So, she created a community where women could connect, get resources and support each others. She called it CEO Mom Magazine, an online publication.

The idea took off, garnering national media attention as well.

Now, she has a popular podcast that complements the magazine; and, a slew of listeners, readers and advertisers.

In this episode, Vonna talks about the fear that the message of CEO Mom will be received well by readers.

“I think about that all the time,” she said. “I’m always nervous anytime I put something out there. You always have to come from an authentic place.”

But, now she knows it’s OK to publish even though she’s a bit afraid. Some of the other lessons she’s learned through her business:

  • Know when and how to say “no.”
  • Sometimes the fear never leaves; so, launch the project anyway.
  • Stop focusing on yourself. Create projects with the audience in mind, how it will benefit them.
  • People aren’t looking for perfection. They’re looking for how you can impact them.

The wrap-up:

            “Every day is a chance,” Vonna said. “The entire journey is about you taking chances and taking risks. It’s a consistent thing. ”

If you want to work with Vonna or to learn more about CEOMOM Magazine, head here:

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All social media handles at @ceomommag.


Episode 3


Crushing the Fear of: Growing Too Fast – Jasmine Adams-Monk, Jasmine & Co. Founder


Jasmine Adams-Monk is no stranger to business. She and her husband owned a trucking company; and, the new mommy was working at home.

But, Jasmine decided she needed something for herself.

“I said, ‘there has to be more to life than me being a stay-at-home mom,’” Jasmine said.

She soon stumbled upon an opportunity to launch a virtual assistance business to help other business owners meet their goals.

The new venture started growing and growing. It was exactly what Jasmine dreamed.

“I was in my element,” she said. “Within six months, I grew so quickly.”

But, what followed the success was overwhelm, loss of resources; and, a fear of not being able to handle a projected boost in clients.

“I was scared that if I got too much work,” said Jasmine, who is a mom of two. “How was I going to scale?”

Since then, she’s completed a full months-long revamp of her business and hired consultants to help crunch the number and introduce new systems.

“I’m glad that it happened,” she said. “We’re growing at a rapid rate, yet again. And, I’ve been able to expand my team. But, I have processes in place.”

In this episode, Jasmine talks about the doubt linked to unplanned success. Her lessons include:

  • Find a mentor or a “business bestie,” someone who is willing to share their proven processes.
  • Craft a detailed plan that show your specific goals.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your business, no matter the platform. (Jasmine has a popular segment on an international radio show)

The wrap-up:

“Map everything out,” Jasmine said. “It sounds so cliché, but it’s not. I don’t want people to make the same mistakes that I did.”

If you want to work with Jasmine or to learn more about Jasmine & Co, head here:

Website: www.Jasmineandco.org  

All social media handles: @jasmineandcoteam


Episode 4


Crushing the Fear of: Unexpected Health Issues – Dr. Monica “Dr. mOe” Anderson, Author, Dentist, Real Estate Investor & Motivational Speaker


Dr. Moe Anderson was a successful dentist, who published several popular books; and, was a sought-after speaker.

One night she became severely ill and thought she was dealing with food poisoning. A trip to the emergency room brought a surprising diagnosis she never expected.

Dr. Moe had a rare form of cancer.

“They say that everything can change in a moment,” she said. “I say everything can change in a word. It was ‘mass’ that turned my world upside down.”

She had two major surgeries since that fateful night. The cancer returned 18 months after an initial procedure to wipe it out.

Dr. Moe put her business, books and speaking engagements on hold to focus on her health. The fight to stay alive took a toll on relationships, too.

And, the fear of the cancer coming back still lingers, said Dr. Moe. The cancer is in remission, but she has to take a daily prescription to keep the disease at bay.

“I get up every morning fighting that fear,” she said. “And, I decided that I am going to live and not die. And, when I decide that success is going to be a side effect of me putting one breath in front of the other, then I’m happy.”

The joy of seeing a new day spills over.

Dr. Moe has resumed her speaking engagements and writing books. Her latest release is called “Success is a Side Effect: Leadership, Relationship and Selective Amnesia.”

She said she neglected herself before the cancer appeared. But, not anymore.

In this episode, Dr. Moe unveils why she is adamant about her self-care regimen, which allows her to release toxic emotions, cut the doubts linked to her business and continue building her brand.

“I schedule my pity parties,” said Dr. Moe. “I have a little ‘me time,’ where I just fall apart. We have happy hour…have your sad hour, too.”

She also discusses:

  • Schedule self-care time and be diligent about sticking to it.
  • Reserve the right to be wrong and change your mind about decisions that others may not support.
  • Pay attention to the outcome of the fearful mind. Taking a different thought process can lead to positive results.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.

The wrap-up:

“Who we are is really just a culmination of where we’ve been,” Dr. Moe said. “So often we want to separate work from home, like we’re two different people. But, if you find an unhappy employee, you’ll find a chaotic home situation; because, we’re not taking care of our base needs.”

If you want to work with Dr. Moe or to learn more about her motivational speaking, workshops and books, head here:

Website: www.drmoeanderson.com

Instagram: @drmoea

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You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/drmoeutube


Episode 5


Crushing the Fear of: Charging Premium Prices – Kate Doster, Email Marketing Strategist & “Inbox Besties” Podcast Host


Kate recognized her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. But, it took years before she took action on launching a business.

What sparked the move? The birth of her baby.

Days before giving birth to her first daughter, Kate’s employer threatened to fire her if she took a maternity leave.

“At the time, it was perfectly legal to fire me after I gave birth,” Kate said, who delivered through a cesarean section. “They considered my daughter a disease. And, they said, ‘after you give birth, you have three days to come back to work or you’re fired.’”

She was scared, angry and without an immediate plan. But, Kate decided not to go back to work.

“It was literally cosmic,” she said of the events that quickly unfolded.

She soon connected with a mentor, who helped Kate hone her strong copywriting skills.

Not long after, Kate started an online copywriting venture.

But the new mommy was uneasy about charging premium prices. She feared others would criticize her decision to offer high-end services.

“Where my biggest fear came was always around pricing. You know, good girls don’t take other people’s money,” said Kate. “I would end up undercutting my prices because, ‘Am I worthy?’ ‘Am I good enough?’ I always felt guilty.”

She did some money mindset work; and, Kate’s business took off. It keeps growing.

In this episode, she unveils how she adjusted her thinking on the pricing issue.

“I’m super practical,” Kate said. “I constantly remind myself in my head that what I’m doing is worthy of massive compensation. It helps the greater good. And, I need to show people an example of that.”

During her interview, Kate also talked about setting attainable goals that defeat the doubt, including:

  • Listen to music you enjoy before starting a project. It gets you into a good mood.
  • Know why you’re not taking action. Are you procrastinating because of fear?
  • Find a strong mentor, who will offer earnest advice and practical steps to succeed.
  • Catch your negative thoughts midstream and replace them with positive ones.
  • Create out-of-bounds, larger goals. The effort to reach them will produce more than expected.

The wrap-up:

“It’s OK to have fear. There’s nothing wrong with you or shameful about it, “Kate said. “Even if you have to take yourself from level 10 fear to level nine fear, that’s a huge win. Cut yourself some slack.”

If you want to work with Kate or to learn more about her email courses and her popular “Inbox Besties” podcast, head here:

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