Story Sell Your Brand Creator

There is one crucial question that almost everyone asks seconds before the start of a live television interview.

“Where do I look?” they say with sweaty palms and shifty eyes; while pointing to a set of black robotic cameras.

I developed an easy four-word answer early on.

“Just look at me,” I’d graciously reply, as the floor director launched into a booming countdown marking the end of a lengthy commercial.

For years, I used that one piece of advice to guide a slew of edgy entrepreneurs, skittish business owners and nervous non-profit spokespersons through the peaks and pitfalls of live television.

“Wow, that was easier than I thought,” they would say, suddenly realizing that the interview was over. “You really helped me relax.”

Yes, that’s what I do!

I help you figure out the stories that illuminate your business and capture your clients’ attention; and, through my storytelling marketing system, together we boost your brand.

I have worked in every sector of the media: television, radio, print. You name it, I’ve done it.

I’ve reported for regional NBC, CBS and public television stations, The Miami Herald and Business Week magazine; filing a wide range of stories from politics to natural disasters to high-profile celebrities, including Michelle Obama, Joel Osteen and Patti LaBelle.

Before that, I traveled to Chicago to earn a Master’s Degree at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

In grad school, I covered the nation’s capital for the Medill News Service; and, worked as a general assignment and Health correspondent for TV3 News in Dublin, Ireland, earning the distinction of being the first Black-American journalist to report for a commercial television station in Ireland.

It was the hands-on learning experience and unforgettable adventure I craved.

But, do you really care about all that?

The answer is probably a resounding “No!

However, what I didn’t tell you is that back in 2005, I launched a media consulting business. It was the ultimate side hustle.

I trained executives at several major education foundations. My name got out by word-of-mouth at first; and, as I picked up clients…more came.

They all wanted me to target what I do best: storytelling branding.

I’ve been focused on that ever since. And, I still use the best advice from my television days: “Relax and I’ll show you how to skyrocket your brand with strong stories.”

Just so you know, the biggest reason why I do all of this is my family. I love spending quality time with my husband, Todd, and our two young children. And, Story Sell Your Brand allows me to do what I love!